Sharpedge Instructions

Parts & Accessories:
Main tool, 4 diamond hones, extra coarse 200 grit, coarse 400 grit, fine 800 grit & very fine 1500 grit. 1 x 6micron foil (brown) 1 x 3micron foil (pink) both self adhesive. Replacements available
After identifying the parts of the ‘Sharp Edge’ tool, choose a flat & uncluttered surface on which to use the ‘Sharp Edge’ & decided which way round to use it as it can be use left or right handed. The ‘sharp Edge can be fixed to the work station or a block of wood to be held in a vice or used un-fixed & totally portable.

1 For sharpening a 3 or 6 mm chisel, simply place the blade spacer in one of the slots closest to the centre of the tool rest. The next slot is for 9-15 mm & the outside slot for chisels up to 38 mm. For blades the are wider, i.e plane blades, remove the blade spacer. The blade will then be held against the shoulder or the base unit.
2 Select the desired grade of diamond hone & place it in the hone holder (where it is held magnetically). You can work through all the grades, coarse to very fine.
3 Chose the angle required on the edge of the blade & by loosening the handle, sliding the hone support to the required position & re-tighten the handle (only finger tight). The common angles are marked on the sliding hone support & align with the datum line. You can also match the hone holder to the angle that suits your tools from 23 degrees. Then secure the angle by retightening the handle.
4 Place the chisel against the blade support & you should notice the chisel is virtually in the centre of the tool. With a slight lift of the handle you will feel the top sliding unit raise about 0.5 mm. At this point, gently slide the chisel along the edge of the blade spacer & up to touch the diamond hone (do not force it against the diamond hone).
5 Hold the chisel in place against the blade spacer & gently move the top carriage across the face of the chisel.
6 Take the chisel out & check if a burr has been produced on the back of the chisel. Use the backing off tool to flatten the back of the chisel (use the finest diamond hone 1500 grit). Repeat steps 4 & 5 reducing the number of times you slide across the face of the chisel i.e 6 times then five etc until you are happy with the edge & each time use the backing off tool to flatten the back.
7 If your chisel has a polished back, use the diamond foils (6&3 micron) in the backing off tool to bring back the polish.
8 Finally, you can finish off by ‘stropping’ the chisel on a piece of leather or a piece of card.

Please note that depending on the condition of the chisel or plane blade, you may need to use the coarser diamond hones in the backing off tool to flatten the back of the blade.

All the diamond hones & foils can be cleaned with the use of an ordinary pencil eraser.
N.B only use WD 40 spray to lubricate if needed. DO NOT USE silicon or PTFE spray lubricants.