I would like to thank all you who came to meet me at the Get Woodworking Live event at  Alexandra Palace on the 11/12 March. Also many thanks to all those at the Classic Hand Tools Stand (http://www.classichandtools.com) who supported & encouraged me on my first exposure to the public. I know you guys out there aren’t scary but showing something you’ve designed & made to be publicly scrutinised is daunting & nerve racking. All your comments made it worth while.

The response was superb & I enjoyed your banter. Next time I might get some certificates made up for all those who used the demo unit & passed the test with flying colours. All it took was a little understanding & I hope it will benefit your sharpening.

Special thanks goes to the nurse & the students who came along & learnt how to use the Sharp Edge, agreed how simple it was to use & then bought one. I hope we will be able to encourage more people who struggle with sharpening ( & those who don’t) to see there is a simple way & then enable them to do more with their tools.

Wishing you happy times at the work bench.
Until next time


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