An interview with Gary who’s using an old prototype & it’s still working well for a living!!

I recently went to a job where new solid surface acrylic worktops were being installed by a firm (Cobb Bros from Poole Dorset). These went into a kitchen I had been installing for an old customer of mine. The guy who had come to fit it was usually in charge of the workshops but due to people being away he was sent out to fit them. During his installation of the worktops which were going into the window recess, he asked me to clean up the frame from all the old silicone.

This needed a sharp chisel so I got out my Sharpedge & proceeded to sharpen an 18mm chisel.

He looked over as I was preparing my chisel & said “I have something like that” & proceeded to get out of his tool box one of my old prototypes. It was so good to see one, still in use after all these years & that he still used it regularly.

Well this was an opportunity to good to miss & later he agreed to meet up, for me to ask him about himself, his work & what he thought about the sharpener.

So here is a rough transcript of our chat. I won’t call it an interview really as I’m not a reporter but just a cabinet maker learning new tricks!!


Me;  What is your job.

Gary;  I started  over 25 yrs ago & have been working in making post formed laminated worktops. I then went on to fabricating Corian in the 80’s & Mistral solid surface now. Part of the job is setting out the CNC machine to prepare the tops ready to be taken out for installation.

Me;  When did we first meet & you bought the old prototype?

Gary;  I think is was about 12 years ago at Chettle House craft fair. It was pouring with rain & I dived into one of the tents & there you were.

Me;  Apart from being forced into the tent due to the rain, What was it that caught your eye & prompted you to buy the “eezee sharp” sharpener?

Gary;  Being able to sharpen small, narrow chisels & is easy to carry around in my tool box. Plus I could see how much easier it would be to sharpen my chisels & to keep them square. It was also not much bigger than my oilstone either.

Me;  How has it helped you to do what you do?

Gary;  I can’t do my job without sharp tools, so to be able to sharpen my chisels easily was the reason I bought it & it just made life so much easier at work. The sharpener is easy to carry around & get out whenever I needed it.

Me;  So now you have the new Sharpedge tool, What do you think of it?

Gary;  It’s much better. The Sharpedge comes with the bit you rest the chisel against.

Me;  The blade spacer.

Gary;  Yes. You put it in one of the slots & the chisel is nearly in the middle & that’s a lot better. Also the top slider doesn’t slide off the carriage  when you are sharpening.

Me;  Do you fix it down or use it free hand?

Gary;  No I just put it on a flat surface & use. With my old oil stone I used to use a small panel pin & knock it into the surface to hold it in place, but now I can use the Sharpedge on a customers work surface with no worries of marking it & I don’t really need to fix it down.

Me;  Lastly, would you recommend the Sharpedge?

Gary;  Absolutely & I have.

Me;  Thank you Gary & for the endorsement.

Gary working on one of the joints to make it nearly invisible.
 The finished work tops & ready for floor & tiles
The finished worktops with sink & gas hob in place but waiting for the flooring & tiles.

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