Found a 10 yr old prototype still out there & working

I was at a job today over seeing some solid surface worktops going into a kitchen I had just fitted when I met with Gary seen pictured. He had the task of making my kitchen look good. I was hanging around waiting to plumb the sink in when he asked about a finishing detail around the uPVC window which would need cleaning up.


So I got out my set of chisels & my sharpedge tool sharpener to make sure I would only cut the silicone off & not touch the window frame. So as I was sharpening one of my chisels, he commented, “I have something similar to that”. I then asked him what it was & where he had bought it thinking ‘is there another product out there I’ve not seen’? He replied that it was made of wood & he bought it at a craft fair about 10 yrs ago & I’m still using it regularly. Well blow me down with a feather, when he lifted the tray in his tool box & pulled out the old ezee sharp.

How pleased I was to see someone using the prototype & singing it’s praises still. I still have a few left in my workshop gathering dust but now progress & experience has taken over and we have a much better & easy to use unit but thank you Gary for showing me that the original saleable idea was worth all the effort in getting it to market & trying to make sharpening an enjoyable & simple task.

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