I’ve had mirror quality backs to my blades for almost a decade AND ultra sharp cutting edges – but my quest for an ultra convenient system with which to reproduce a specific bevel angle, time and again, has hitherto eluded me – until I bought your Sharp Edge device.

Almost overnight every one of my handplane blades is ultra sharp – and with minimal messing about. I’m now far more relaxed about the ongoing need to keep my blades sharp. Its no longer the tiresome task it was. I’ve sharpened a 2 +3/8? Ray Iles blade with your device and I encountered no problems – sharpening the blade with 6 passes of each diamond hone. Likewise I’ve put a beautiful edge on every one of my Clifton blades.

Your device is absolutely ideal for their hand forged blades. I’ve also successfully re-sharpened the blades to my Veritas, and my Lie Nielsen, hand planes although the Lie Nielsen blades required more effort – perhaps because they have been cryogenically hardened. I’ve found Camelia oil helpful in lubricating the sliding mechanism, as well as keeping my blades corrosion free. And the speed one can set or alter the honing angle is a major advantage ! So overall what are my conclusions? Just this, that your device has completely transformed the resharpening of my handplane blades.

My long term quest to find a way of conveniently and quickly resharpening handplane blades, and of creating secondary bevels, is COMPLETELY SOLVED !! OK, I still remove the burrs quickly by means of my 6000 grit Japanese waterstone. And I still strop the resultant bevels with a 12 inch leather strop, BUT that’s my choice. I’m a perfectionist and I always use an amalgam of techniques. Nothing is ever going to change the way I do things. Two sorts of woodworker are going to buy your device. The majority will be your average Joe Public who will, as a matter of convenience, use the backing tool which comes with your device. A small minority like myself will continue to remove the burr by other means.

Overall your device is as important to my cabinetmaking as my Tormek grinder and my 6000 grit Japanese waterstone. Best wishes, Robert

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