I arranged to visit the construction department & talk to the lecturers about the benefits of the Sharp Edge chisel sharpener for their students.

I met up with Ian & Lawrence who seemed to instantly recognise how the sharpener would help the students. I was then asked if I had time to show the students the new chisel sharpening tool ~ So into the workshop I went.

sharpedge chisel sharpener demoThe students were very attentive to my demonstration and were very quick to see the ease of use & volunteered with no pressure to try out the Sharp Edge. Within a few minutes they were sharpening their chisels & commenting on how simple it is to use.

Of course the subject of “how much is it” was quick to follow & when I told them £37+vat they were quite appreciative of the price but even happier when I told them we were giving a student discount equivalent to no VAT.

As soon as we had concluded the demonstration I was asked then to go to another lecture room to continue with yet another demonstration. I was please that again the Sharp Edge Sharpening system was well received especially on the price point. The overriding response seems to be that they would like their employers to look at buying the Sharpening system in bulk to supply all the work force.

Just when I thought I had finished I was asked to meet with one last class & demo again. The boys & girls were very impressed & those that used the Sharp Edge system again commented on how simple it is to use. So a very big thank you to all the staff & students of Wiltshire college Salisbury for allowing me to show you and for all those who bought one.

May you keep your tools sharp & your enthusiasm for life.

Cheers for now. G

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