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I recently came across this website which shares all kind of information about woodwork & crafts. As I delved deeper & deeper into the pages I found a ton of interesting ideas & info. I then found that they would like to share visitors websites so I sent ours for approval & within a short period it was up & on this site for any subscribers or passers by to view. What a kind offer by someone who is passionate about all things woodwork, wood turning (this link is  just for fun so don’t take it seriously. There is a lot of serious tuition here as well), Wood carving crafts &  having fun while sharing with those of us who agree. Well I thought I would reciprocate the kind gesture & hope that anyone who reads this blog will take some time to explore a well set out, full of information website.

Below is a piece I copied out from their website which is about the chap who started the Woodworkers Guide but why not go explore & see for yourself. You will probably find something you didn’t know.


A Woodworker’s Guide, like my fascination with wood, is a project that has been in development and growing for several years.

I began woodworking as a youngster, in a time where most of my playthings were created on the fly – like making a wooden sword, a fort in the woods or a go-kart (the only Wii we had back then was the scream as we went flying down a winter hill on a old piece of plywood). I never thought at that time that this was woodworking but it was working with wood.

Over the years I have been involved with woodworking in an off and on love affair (yes, my wife knows about it!). Sometimes I wouldn’t build anything for months and then at times I wouldn’t stop to eat. For the past couple of years I have been out in the shop quite religiously.

Woodworking for me is an opportunity to take a break, to get away from the rigors of work and to unleash my limited creativity. It is also an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques in this age old craft. (as well as allow me to buy tools, tools, and more tools!)

I have an interest in all facets of woodworking, from woodturning to furniture making, from carving to homebuilding, and everything in between. In fact, I consider myself a wood magician – I can turn fine lumber into decorative firewood before your very eyes!I’m a proud member of the Atlantic Woodworkers Association, the Nova Scotia Wildlife Carvers and Artists Association, the Atlantic Tool Collectors Association, the Nova Woodturners Guild and the American Association of Woodturners.Lately I have had a desire to know more about woodworking, the whys and the hows.

This has led me to doing a fair amount of research. In turn, I have accumulated a lot of informative, how-to articles, tool instruction, links to some great websites, etc. that I want to keep in an organized manner as well as share it with other interested woodworkers.

I also enjoy writing about my experiences, my projects, the trials and tribulations of working with wood, the cool tools, websites and videos I come across, tips, musings, reviews and more.

Hence, Woodworker’s Guide – my woodworking notebook.

If this sounds like a place that you’d like to waste some time at please bookmark me, better yet, click here to subscribe to the blog. This way, whenever I post an article I’ll be able to immediately interrupt your day. :)

So grab yourself a cuppa tea, settle back and enjoy the site!

Back to the shop…

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