A BIG BIG thank you to the website design team

We started our business with a great product & a clear vision to sell our sharpener to the DIY & woodworkers who struggle with sharpening their tools. Well that’s what we thought & what could be simpler……… apart from how do you reach your public when you don’t have a shop?

Simple, you just get a domain name & set up an internet shopping site! Well some of that is doable but the rest we found as easy as building a rocket & launching it to the moon.

We though, have been one of the lucky ones. We met the guys from MobileWebsiteDesignAgency  & they helped us build that ‘rocket’. The help & professionalism of their design team, especially Gary, has been second to none. Gary told us building a site was the easy part but it was akin to writing a letter on a piece of A4 & then loosing it in the Sahara desert and trying then to find it!!

We discussed at our first meeting how we thought our site should look & what keywords we would use. He then took that info & did his magic. We were not disappointed with the results or the way our site went from somewhere in the list of google to page 2 the page 1 & finally we were at the NO 1 spot after about 6-7 weeks where we have stayed with many different search words.

We have since had the fanpage designed & built on facebook & our latest acquisition is a specific mobile web site as our business users are now looking for our products on their mobile smart phones.

How things change so quickly and it’s brilliant that we had Gary from MobileWebsiteDesignAgency to help us through (as we see it) a mine field.

I hope that anyone who reads this will take the time to chat with them & that they have as much success as we did

Thank you Gary & theMobileWebsiteDesignAgency from all of us at G Sharp Tools

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